Sports Rehab/Performance Training

Sports Rehab/Performance Training

Sports Rehab

At Power PT we know sports and know what it takes to get back to elite level performance. We have the knowledge, equipment, and space necessary to treat athletes of all ages and competition levels. It’s imperative that you rehab at a clinic that understands how to not only rehab your injury/surgery, but one that can take you beyond baseline level of function to elite level performance so that there’s no fear of re-injury when you return to play.

Performance Training

Power PT provides wellness services for those that are NOT injured or needing rehab, but are wanting to optimize movement and performance. We take you through a full body assessment to determine where you need mobility and strength improvements so you can start moving optimally, avoid potential injuries, and perform at your highest level.

What Makes Power PT Your Best Physical Therapy Choice

  • 8+ Years of Experience
  • 2,000+ Career Clients Served
  • 150+ Power PT Clients
  • 5 Advanced Certifications
  • 5 Star Rating


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