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? Can we really train speed and agility by using the ladder?

? This bad boy is a staple in almost every physical therapy gym or training facility— I have one as well. But what’s the purpose of it and why are we calling it an agility ladder. Is it truly training agility? I also see it used as “speed training”… but are we accurate in saying that??

? Agility= a rapid whole body movement with change of velocity or direction in response to a stimulus

? Speed= distance covered divided by the time. Max speed can be achieved at 40-50m

So— if we do “quick feet” in and out of a ~12ft ladder are we achieving any sort of speed and is the client “reacting” to a stimulus with a rapid, whole body movement? While the person’s feet may be moving rapidly, their center of mass is relatively stable within their base of support.

? So yes, I have a ladder in my clinic, but am I using it to train speed and agility— not quite. Not saying to trash it by any means, just know WHAT you are using it for!

Would love to hear your comments/thoughts!!

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