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?Do you have anterior hip pain with running, walking, or performing some type of exercise??

? There are several things that can cause anterior hip pain— one of them being hip flexor tendinopathy. Tendinopathy typically happens when the muscle/tendon unit is put through a load that it isn’t trained to handle— more often than not it happens progressively over time. In many cases, people are told to rest and then return to activity after a few weeks—- THIS IS NOT HELPFUL!!! With rest, you will continue to decondition this unit, and when you return to activity, you’ll find that you go through this same cycle over and over again!

?? You need a progressive tendon loading program! Try starting with these exercises. The first one is an isometric hold while changing the resistance by kicking out the opposite limb. The second is starting to add in movement that might be slightly uncomfortable.

**Let me know what you think or if you have questions on these exercises!

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