? Athlete Spotlight ?

? I don’t even know where to begin on this one! This is hands down, my why. Seeing patients recover from surgery and getting back to sports is the best feeling— for both of us!

?? This girl has what it takes. Perseverance, patience, strong work ethic, CONSISTENCY, intelligence, and can let loose and have fun with it all. Being out of the sport you love for about a year is very taxing on a player physically AND (most importantly) mentally. R, you have coursed this journey with such tact and grace and I have been blessed to be a part of it with you!

? I think we, as clinicians, can get lost in the physical side of things and focus solely on “return to sport”— which is the ultimate goal— but think about the other aspects of life that a year worth of rehab can bleed into. These players still have to go to school, do homework, have a social life, etc. I went off on this tangent because this girl worked her tail off in the gym, all the while crushing school and getting honors for her grades. THAT, is something to be proud of.

?? Keep on keepin on girl!! YOU ARE CRUSHING IT!!! So proud of you!!


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