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? Quad sets ?

? Sounding off: I feel this is a completely “overlooked” exercise on proper form and progression! It should be a thought out exercise just like the rest of them!! I see too often that clinicians are just throwing a towel under someone’s knee and telling them to do 20 reps of pressing into the towel. THIS DOESN’T CUT IT!

?? This is a very good exercise for helping to gain full end range extension and re-training the quad to active in this end range extension motion

?? Try these progressions and see if it doesn’t help you contract the quad at end range extension a little better!!

? dosage— we fail our patients when we tell them to do 2 sets of 10 twice a day…. these are a HIGH VOLUME exercise. In the 100s per day!!!

Head over to instagram @thepowerpt_ to see the videos!

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