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?Helping your plantar fascia pain!

? Plantar Fasciitis is not an inflammatory process— therefore, the days of ice rolling your foot are GONE! There are many factors contributing to why someone might have plantar fascia pain, but most of the time it’s due to an overload of the tissue that has resulted in deformation of the tissue.

?? Here are two stretches for the calf— make sure to not let your arch collapse inward when doing these stretches, especially the stretch with the knee bent. I’m not the biggest fan of stretching alone— so I will be following this is with exercises targeting the calf for strength purposes.

?The third video is me doing a “neural” glide. Plantar fascia pain is typically the worst in the morning, so try this before getting out of bed (15-20 reps)!

?I will be posting more exercises to address the reasons you might be having pain in the plantar fascia— so stay tuned!



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